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Welcome to Opinion City.

Here, thousands across the globe gather on the opinion social network to ask for and voice swift opinions. Discover interests and dive into engaging discussions on just about anything; everything from politics to dating-advice, from philosophy to Hollywood gossip. Opinionoto is your home for everything opinion.

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Opinionoto is your micro-blogging platform to share your opinion on what matters to you the most. Get discovered through bumps and gain following within your in-group. You deserve to be heard.

Follow the people you like and your feed will be populated with relevant posts for you to discover and navigate through.


Find out what the world thinks about anything by posting a question. Our polling option lets you get an intuitive overview of where the world stands on any topic.

Get the answers you want and quench your curiosity with Opinionoto.

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We wanted to build a platform that truly allows self-expression as well as establishing a strong sense of community. Opinionoto's concept is rooted deeply into the nature of information, and we hope this will be a catalyst for spreading knowledge.

Arber Beqiraj, Co-Founder and CEO of Opinionoto

Communication is essential for both world and self development. I think Opinionoto will help incite a global conversation and provoke large, macro level paradigm shifts as well as being useful on a more personal, micro level.

Shehmeer Ahmad, Co-Founder and COO of Opinionoto

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